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Link: How will SEO Change in 2011 (Creare Video)

We publish a weekly SEO Video Blog over on the Creare Communications website. Being the lucky nerd that I am, this week I hosted our video discussing ‘How SEO Will Change in 2011’ in brief detail.

For the sensible amongst you, you’ll notice this Video is being published nearly a month late into the year, but the principal is the same as Search is always rapidly changing. Plus who doesn’t want to watch 1 Minute and 59 seconds of an SEO Magician in action? That’s right, nobody does (except you, maybe).

Link: TRON 3 Green Lit: Teaser Trailer on DVD & Blu-Ray

Although I’m not a massive fan of either TRON film when it comes to the writing, I love the style, culture and sound of both films.

I’m stating this now so that you don’t immediately think of me being the younger, even freakier brother of ‘The Tron Guy’ (Jay Maynard).

Albeit, bring on Tron 3 – the link attached reveals insights on the upcoming Teaser Trailer that will be on TRON: LEGACY’s Blu-Ray DVD.

January 21, 2011

Why doesn’t my website appear on Google?

If you wanted someone to find your website via a Search Engine, what keyword would you expect your site to come up for? If you’re eating healthy and not classified as clinical nutter, your answer should be either the subject … Continue reading

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