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April 19, 2011

My Internet Marketing & Web Design Tutorials for Beginners

While at Creare, I have been clocked before for carrying a nerdy black diary around, which in time came known as ‘The Creare Bible’. It was just simply a collection of pen & paper notes, passwords and contact details, but … Continue reading

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Link: Link Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics (Creare Video)

Forgot to post this up on Friday. I’ve stepped up to the plate again and recorded another hollywood blockbuster of an SEO Tutorial on the Creare SEO website.

This time? How to link up your websites Google Webmaster Tools profile to it’s Google Analytics profile, a featured announced last week by Google’s Webmaster Central team.

I’d say the real star of the show is my cheeky plug of Kingdom Hearts Ultimania, which has now gone back to averaging 4k Visitors Daily (close to my 5k Daily Goal – Hurrah!).