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The Creare Bible (Circa 2010 - 2011)

While at Creare, I have been clocked before for carrying a nerdy black diary around, which in time came known as ‘The Creare Bible’.

It was just simply a collection of pen & paper notes, passwords and contact details, but people in the team borrowed it regularly for a ‘quick-answer’. Not very digital-age, but etc.. *

I thought I’d publish a quick list of all my Search & Web Design Blog Posts, Tutorials & Videos that I either wrote, or took part in while at the company.

Looking for some good Web Design Resources or Search Marketing Guides? Hopefully you’ll find a few gems here :)

Internet Marketing Tutorials


~ = Featured in Video, Script by Tom Nolan

Blog Posts

Web Design Resources


~ = Featured in Video, Script by James Bavington

Blog Posts

* I did eventually replace ‘The Creare Bible’ with a collection of Excel Spreadsheets, as if I’d stick to pen & paper!