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Goals & Objectives for 2011

Kevin Rose ( Founder) publishes a list of ‘New Years Resolutions’ on his blog each year to help set his personal goals, both personally and work-related for the following 365 days ahead.

As I’m such a unique creative-type, I have decided to steal the idea. Over the next year, I’ll keep the below list updated to ‘keep check’ on my personal and career development:

2011 Objectives

  1. Develop the Blog into an informative resource on Tech, Web & SEO, instead of updates on what socks I’m wearing (plain black today).
  2. Learn more Portuguese to outsmart the Girlfriend (“A menina esta comendo um sanduiche” – the extent of my current knowledge).
  3. Travel to South America for 6-8 Weeks.
  4. Think of new ways to gain natural website backlinks (SEO #1 – Paid Links are Bad).
  5. Learn more on how to avoid and counter a ‘rankings drop’ on Google through more ethical SEO practices (SEO #2).
  6. Manage the implementation of a CRM System (Includes identifying one!).
  7. Bring Kingdom Hearts Ultimania back to 5000+ Daily Unique Visitors (Currently 3,000+).
  8. Pass the Google Analytics IQ Exam to become a Google Certified Partner.
  9. Become more knowledgable in the mythic god of Web Languages, PHP.
  10. Develop a new Web Product/Service.

Good Luck, Pete Campbell.

What are everyone else’s personal and work goals for 2011?

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