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Hello, my name is Pete Campbell.

I first became fascinated with the ‘World Wide Web’ in 1998, at the young age of ten years old. My initial fascination was to pop on Yahoo and track down pictures and videos of my favourite television shows on a 28.8k modem. This then led me to taking my baby steps of web design using Geocities, which then led me to a thirst for HTML/CSS & PHP to make a ‘proper’ website and now in 2011, full-blown internet marketing and online blogging.

My Job

I currently work for the Creare Group as an SEO Consultant, where we wave a magic-wand day by day to get companies listing on Page 1 of Google for their keyword of choice. Edit: In April 2011, I took on an SEO Manager position at bmi, British Midland International (LinkedIn).

My Other Projects

My other major past haunt on the ‘net is setting up Kingdom Hearts Ultimania in 2004, a video-game blog following the popular RPG franchise ‘Kingdom Hearts’.

It taught me how to build a ‘community’ website, and notable points include a 80,000 daily unique visitor count at one point, advertising contracts with IGN Entertainment (a bit over my head at 16!) and a small-blurb in a UK Playstation 2 magazine which made me very proud.

Last year, I redesigned ‘KHU’ to bring things full-circle, applying my knowledge at Creare back to ‘KHU’ and vice-versa.

My Schedule

As of 2011, my daily life breaksdown into the following:

  • Being an SEO Consultant
  • Reading up on Tech, Gaming & ‘Web’ News
  • Addiction to my iPhone 4 (and new family member, iPad)
  • Educating my Girlfriend on the World of Geek
  • Checking in on Kingdom Hearts Ultimania

From today, there will be an addition to the above list

  • Updating a Tumblr Blog (on the aforementioned points)

Why? Each day, I find snippets of geek news, interesting iPhone apps and little nuggets of SEO knowledge that to be honest, I just currently share by boring my girlfriend or work colleagues with so that I can just ‘tell someone’.

My Blog’s objective is to turn my random finds and thoughts into something productive.

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