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The Second-Coming of the Sony Vaio


2 weeks ago, I foolishly celebrated that I had been reunited with the World Wide Web, after suffering with overpriced, treat-it-like-its-gold-dust, 3G Internet Tethering for nearly month.

Shortly after, I discovered that my 3G Connection during it’s stay kindly left a few presents for me to enjoy – in the form of soul-eating viruses, trojans and rootkits that literally destroyed my Laptop’s display driver.

As a result, everytime I moved the laptop an inch, or loaded up a window – it would act like it’s just won the lottery and become garbled with crazy pink/blue lines, oversized buttons and everyones favourite – blue screens of death.

After much googling, scanning and crying – I had to wave the white flag and go Plan B, the solution that all true geeks hate having to resort too – whipping out the old super-duper ‘quick fix’ recovery disc (Thank you Microsoft).

Long story short, the Laptop is back in action, and therefore, blogging will actually now resume. Are all 4 of you happy?