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The Best NEW SEO & Content Marketing Tools Discovered at #BrightonSEO


Brighton SEO

Yesterday, a massive 2,500+ SEO/Digital folks popped down to Brighton for what is probably the UK’s largest SEO Conference – BrightonSEO.

It’s a staggering amount of attendees, which makes me realise just how big the UK search industry is now – and it’s really just the tip of the iceberg, I imagine most SEO teams only could bring down 10-20% of their staff.

I enjoy Brighton SEO for one a simple reason – I always walk away with a ton of geeky new SEO tips, tricks and tools that simply help me do my job better. Plus, you get a free beer at the end.

If you couldn’t make it, then I’ve rounded up all the BEST SEO & Content Marketing tools I stumbled upon at the event, that I’m sure will make you even more awesome at SEO.


Social Mention scrapes data from 30+ social media platforms, letting you quickly discover mentions of content, URLs or a brand-name. Export the data in .CSV or setup a email alert. I previously advocated Topsy for doing this task, but the feature-set and data seems better here.


Unnatural Link Warnings are hard work, LinkRisk is a brand-new tool in BETA will ease the typically painful, murder-inducing process.
Setup your domain, answer a few questions and it’ll help automatically identify the toxic links in your backlink profile.

It works by taking backlink data from multiple sources (Majestic SEO, Webmaster Tools etc.) and filters it by a number of metrics i.e. dodgy domain extension, no Google PR, link no longer indexed. Last year, me and a team of 3 people manually audited in excess of 400k backlinks to resolve a manual penalty. It took us 3 months, 4 reconsideration requests and a well-timed tweet to remove it. I think that alone says why this tool is valuable.


One successful tactic for grabbing attention with your content is to talk about seasonal or trending events. TrendsMap visualises the most talked about trends on Twitter in specific locations. You could use this data to help you generate content ideas whether it be on a local news story or national events. No prizes for guessing about the most talked about thing in Brighton yesterday.


How many times has your infographic on ‘the history of painting and decorating’ been copy & pasted? Probably none, but anyway..
ImageRaider is a super-charged version of Google Image’s reverse search feature, add a list of URL(s) and you’ll get a nice little report on everywhere it’s been published (or politely stolen).


There are lots of good tools out there to generate sitemaps ( being one), but this tool creates 2D & 3D visual sitemaps for you – which is really powerful when trying to understand how crawlers navigate your site, or explain to a client the architectural issues a site maybe facing.


So, how many people use rel=author on their site? Or, is Lady Gaga more popular online than Beyonce? Blekko let’s you find out the statistical answer using GrepTheWeb. Enter in a text string and Blekko will grep the entire web and find out how many domains & backlinks mention the query.

With an infinite source of data, you’ll never struggle to find statistics for your content on air conditioning ever again (please don’t write about that, oh dear..).


If you manage multiple large websites like me, a recurring #SEOFacepalm is when a client makes a change on the site without telling you. Let Robotto do the job for you, it monitors website changes and will notify you on anything that has changed. Whether it be a line added a Robot.txt file or a header response issue.

Content Idea Generator

Stuck for a whitty content idea about boring subject? My challenging client’s have included Boilers, SSL Certificates and Business Insurance so trust me, I know all about it. Portent’s awesome Content Idea Generator tool comes up with all types of whacky ideas to inspire content generation. Here’s a few that I came up:

“How [Boilers] will stop North Korea”
“6 Facts About [Baked Beans] That’ll Keep You Up at Night”
“Why [Business Insurance] is Cuter Than a Kitten”

That’s your lot!

Enjoyed the post? I’d love to hear about any more SEO or content marketing tools you recently discovered.


For more great SEO nerdyness (the folks who inspired this posted) – follow @Rich_falconer, @LexiMills, @PaulDavidMadden & @Hannah_Bo_Banna on Twitter.

On a completely different note, I recently lost to @DigiMatt in a ‘SEO Pool Competition’ despite my pro-skills and as a result, I owe him a follow link, so here you go sir ‘Matt Evans – SEO & Viagra Pills Specialist

  • Anonymous

    Another good one mentioned yesterday is ‘SEO Tool for SEO’.

    Something that I’m gonna start using.

  • Pete Campbell

    Cheers mate. Used it before, really handy.
    Worth checking out all the SEOGadget excel extensions also.

  • sagar

    Nice tool i like Social mentions the most

  • LD Puri

    Awesome list. Signed up for the beta of link risk. The other tools will definitely be incorporated into my regular tool sets.

  • Matt Evans

    Good write up Pete, agreed there were some cool tips/tools and definitely worth going to BrightonSEO!

    On another note, thanks for the link, although I might have to get some first hand experience of the disavow tool now…

  • Tony King

    Hi Pete, nice summary and another great event.
    Sorry I didn’t see you on this occasion.

    Did you know Robotto was one of mine or did you find one of the cards?
    Cheers, Tony

  • Pete Campbell

    You’re welcome! I just wanted to ‘maximise’ the long-tail rankings you’d receive as a result of the link. You’re more than welcome to submit 100 spun articles across the web with the keyword ‘bad seo advice’ to this domain haha

  • Pete Campbell

    Hey Tony,

    I didn’t know it was yours! I seen Robotto mentioned on the #BrightonSEO hashtag on Twitter and thought it looked great. Although, I did spot the testimonial from you.

    Are you involved with the DeepCrawl guys also? We just recently bought a monthly license at iProspect, it’s awesome

  • Tony King

    Thanks mate. Yes is one of ours too ;0)
    Be good to catch up with you soon and hope you’re enjoying iProspect.

  • Nikita

    Good post Pete!

  • Sergejs Ponomarjovs


    Thank you for your list of SEO tools.

    Please add another powerful SEO Analysis Tool

    Thank you

  • Danny Howard

    Great post Pete, not heard of some of these before, I love the Content generator comes up with some great headlines for content :) .

    I love using Barracudas Penguin and Panda Tool, It let’s you see if you have been hit by either of them through your Google Analytics. SEOMoz and Raven tools are awesome as well.

    Thanks again

    Danny Howard

  • Danny Howard

    Great post Pete, not heard of some of these before, I love the Content generator comes up with some great headlines for content :) .

    I love using Barracudas Penguin and Panda Tool, It let’s you see if you have been hit by either of them through your Google Analytics. SEOMoz and Raven tools are awesome as well.

    Thanks again

    Danny Howard

  • Spook SEO

    BrightonSEO conference always comes with new and amazing tools collection announcements to bring them in front of other members so that they could also take advantage of these superb tools which can make their work easier and better than before. Thanks for sharing the great list of wonderful tools.


    It’s all about the innovative ideas and the course of actions to make the process flows smoother as well as precise in terms of operating the seo in better way. No matter how hard the situation is every single mentioned scenario are very much prosperous as well as effective in all the in Brighton seo. In that case anyone who is interested in seo content writing or business should follow the issues very nicely.