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What the heck is a SSL Certificate? (Client Work)


‘SSL Certificates Explained’

Just helped finished development of this new interactive starter guide to SSL Certificates for Symantec WSS.

It’s pretty tough to make ‘sexy’ content that is B2B focused, so the idea was born by simply thinking about who Symantec’s typical target audience is – small to medium businesses, and what they’d find useful.

Why is it useful? Pretty much any website with an eCommerce store needs an SSL certificate in order to safely process transactions without the risk a ‘hacker’ (or whatever mum’s call them these days) getting hold of their personal information. The problem is, a lot of businesses aren’t aware of the product name, so it’s not suprising that ‘What is SSL’ is searched 1,300 times a month in the UK alone.

Anyway, it was developed using HTML5, CSS & MooTools, I came up with the original concept & rough design (well, partly inspired by this little number) and now the team are beginning the outreach work, so please share!

P.S. It’s also available in French & German, if you like your content with a european flavour.