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The UK’s Finest SEO Conferences & Meetups


I’ve put together a list of what I’d consider the best/nerdiest SEO conferences across the UK that are either free, or provide fantastic value for money.

If you’re passionate about SEO and lose sleep over that ranking that your client or boss never shuts up about (like I do!) – this list is for you.

Brighton SEO (FREE! Every September & April)

Brighton SEO has a real sense of ‘by the community for the community’ spirit, not only is it free, but it’s probably the most informative 8 hours you’ll ever spend, put together by the superb Kelvin Newman.

Basically, twice a year, a bunch of down-to-earth SEO folks get up on stage and then in quick succession talk about the highs and lows of their experiences in the industry, giving inspiring case studies and not being afraid to tackle controversial topics – such as winning with duplicate content, unnatural link building and just having a general moan at Google.

It’s no wonder it always ‘sells out’ in less than an hour, that or it’s the free after party that includes a free drink or two.

Search London (FREE! Every 1-2 Months)

Search London is quite a small, intimate affair, usually taking place as evening sessions in which each event will focus on a particular subject relating to the search industry.
As per last events, these can be anything from discussing blogger outreach or the value of SEO and Social.

Each event tends to feature 2 or more known authorities on their topic and yes don’t worry, you also get a free pint (notice a theme running here? black hat keyword density).

ThinkVisibility (From £119 – March & September)

Cleverly disguised as an SEO conference, but actually a giant party complete with pool tournaments, free pick and mix, gambling and occasionally mini-golf – you’ll find yourself forgetting about the 8 hours of awesome content that proceeds it crafted by the one-and-only Dom Hodgson.

In all seriousness, ThinkVis in terms of the quality of sessions alone, provides good value for money.

Got a bit more budget?

If you’re lucky enough to have a boss who will pay the bill for your SEO jollies, I also throughly recommended Distilled’s LinkLove & Search Love, SMX & SES and venturing a few thousand miles off topic – I still feel that MozCon is an awesome conference (my super-nerdy quote calling it ‘Disneyland for SEO’s’ even got me a link off SEOMoz, good times).

Non-SEO Events

Outside of this, there a few more events I’d recommend that although aren’t directly SEO, are worth attending if you’ve got a general interest in digital, web and tech.

Know of any others? Let me know!

I’ll admit it – I’m sure this list could be challenged and is certainly not definitive. If you’ve attended any other SEO conferences that you feel were real winners, let me know and I’ll add them on (What’s SASCon like?). In the meantime, catch you at Brighton SEO folks.

  • CelestialChook

    Thanks. This is a good list. I wanted to do a couple of conferences this year. Have plumped for BrightonSEO and had my plea to attend SearchLove accepted! I wanted to attend events that covered generalities and basics. Your summary suggests I have made good selections :-)

  • CelestialChook

    Doh. That should have said ‘cover MORE than generalities and basics’

    What can i say. It’s 5.30 am. It’s too early for commenting. I couldn’t sleep coz I’m excited about BrightonSEO!!!

  • Tracey Drain

    You missed off Sascon in Manchester!!! I’ve attended the last 3 years – it’s in May and is over two days. For me, it’s been a great learning experience, often covering topics that other conferences shy away from. Always offered a fantastic speakers line up.

  • Pete Campbell

    It’s only because I’ve never been unfortunately! I did hint in the post that I wondered what SASCon was like though :) I’ll make sure to go next May!!

  • Pete Campbell

    Awesome, I’m glad you found list helpful. I’ll be going to both Brighton SEO and Search Love this year – Distilled announced a free meetup in October also today that’s worth checking out:

  • Lauren Brady

    Hi Pete, you missed off DistilledLive! We also run free meet-ups every couple of months in central London –

  • James Lowery

    I’d recommend SAScon, Manchester too – I’ve been there the last 3 years: good venue, well thought out programme of industry speakers, and Jaeger Trains. Figaro also do some good events in London which cover really broad digital subjects.

  • Pete Campbell

    Hi Lauren, funnily enough I just recommended the next DistilledLive meetup to another commenter! I’ll add this to post – thanks for sharing :)

  • Pete Campbell

    Thanks James, I’ll take a look into Figaro to.

  • mike

    Sascon’s pretty good, check out ionSearch too, oh and I’m baised having spoke at both this year but hey XD